Essential oils are a popular type of plant extract that are used for home remedies and aromatherapy. They are made by distilling or steaming parts of the plant to release their fragrance and have been used for thousands of years.

Not only do essential oils smell amazing but they are heaped with tons of therapeutic benefits.

Essential oils can be inhaled, applied topically, or consumed orally (it is not recommended to consume essential oils without professional advice).

There are a wide variety of medicinal benefits and uses for essential oils ranging from relieving pain to relaxing the body and mind.


Essential oils are great additions to every household because they can be used for so many things. From bug bites to treating yourself to making your own skincare products, let’s check out some ways that you can use essential oils in the home. Here are 9 ways to use essential oils at home.


1. Purify the Air

One of the best ways to use essential oils is to purify the air in your home or office. This can be done by adding a few drops of your favourite oil into a diffuser and turning it on. Or you can add to a normal burner and use a tea light to warm the oil and release the scent of the essential oils.

2. Cleaning

Essential oils can also be used for cleaning purposes by adding them to a spray bottle full of water and some white vinegar, dish soap, or washing-up liquid (depending on what you want to clean).

3. Make Your Own Deodorant

Did you know that you could make your own deodorant with essential oil? This is done by mixing coconut oil with an essential oil that has underarm deodorizing properties, such as lavender or tea tree.

4.Add to bathwater

Having a bath with essential oils is a great way to relax. Add several drops of your favourite essential oils to the bathwater and enjoy the therapeutic properties that they create.

5.Make a room freshener

Place a few drops in boiling water for a natural room freshener that lasts all day long. You can also add a few drops to a spray bottle for a fresh burst of scent.

6.Use as a sleep aid

Place a drop of a relaxing oil, such as lavender, on your pillow before bedtime.

7. Apply to bug bites

A study published in the Journal of Dermatology found that lavender essential oil was able to effectively treat insect bites.

8. Use as a bug repellent

Essential oils such as lemon and lemongrass make great bug repellants. You can pop a few essential oils into your bucket or hot water before you mop the floors to keep any critters away.

9. Make a moisturiser

Add a couple of drops to a carrier oil such as coconut or avocado oil and you will have a lovely body moisturiser that will leave your skin silky soft.