Coconut oil is a common ingredient in cooking but it is also great as a natural beauty product. It has many benefits for the skin such as vitamin E that helps improve scars and wrinkles. Coconut oil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to reduce ageing. It’s a great choice for people who experience allergic reactions to ingredients in shop-bought products. You can pick up a jar really cheap in most supermarkets and it lasts for ages.

1) Moisturiser

Coconut oil is an effective body moisturiser that makes you feel so soft and smooth and the feeling lasts all day long. After showering, apply a thin layer to your whole body and make sure it is rubbed in well. Wait a couple of minutes before dressing so the coconut oil has soaked into your skin.

If you have sensitive skin or have had allergic reactions to store-bought lotions and potions then coconut oil is excellent as it is so gentle and very moisturising.

You could add essential oils if you prefer to have a scent rather than a coconut smell.

Tip – Make sure that the oil has soaked into your skin fully before you style your hair, to prevent it from getting in contact with the oil and making it greasy.


2) Makeup remover

Coconut oil is a very effective method for removing makeup, even waterproof mascara. It removes all traces of makeup. Apply a few pumps of coconut oil or a scoop in your hand first then rub it all over your face (don’t wet the face first). Then moisten two cotton pads under very warm water and rub your face in circular motions to remove the makeup.

To remove eye makeup apply oil to your middle finger and apply it gently to the closed eye. Then use the damp cotton pad to wipe the mascara away.

When all makeup is removed then go onto the next step of cleansing your face using coconut oil again (see facial cleanser below).

If you struggle to remove all of your makeup then try coconut oil as it makes it so quick and easy and leaves your face feeling really clean and fresh.


3) Facial cleanser

Coconut oil rivals expensive facial cleansers and is a snip of the price. After you have taken your makeup off (if applicable) apply more coconut oil to your face with your fingers and use a cotton muslin cloth to cleanse the face. Rinse the cotton cloth under very warm water and then use circular motions to remove all of the oil from your face. Finally, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry. Your skin will feel super clean and fresh after this method.

Tip – Make sure the water is warm enough. If the water is not warm enough it may not remove the oil effectively.


4) Base for making products

Coconut oil is so versatile and is perfect for using as a base for making your own skincare products. You can make face/body scrubs, massage oils and bath oils among other skincare products.

For a relaxing bath or massage oil use a mixture of coconut oil and your favourite essential oils. Your skin will be silky smooth and you’ll feel like you’ve just had an expensive treatment.

Tip – Be careful if you using coconut oil in your bath as it can make surfaces very slippery.


5) Hair conditioner

If you struggle with dry hair then consider using coconut oil as a pre-conditioner before going into the shower. Rub the coconut oil all over your dry hair and leave for anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Then wash off with a natural shampoo. This will leave your hair shiny and soft and super healthy.

Tip – Try adding rosemary essential oil to the coconut oil for added hair benefits.